Cobwebs (Modifier) for 3dsmax


Updated on April of 2013. There is now a new rewrite of the tool. It now is built as a modifier that supports realtime updating. Check it out on my website at

Cobwebs Modifier Demo from JokerMartini on Vimeo.

Now comes with help file.

ATTENTION: Anyone who uses this script feel free to email me your renders at “jokermartini(at)hotmail(dot)com” and I’ll put your renders up on my website along with the appropriate credits. Thanks

Image courtesy of barigazy

A great script for creating spider webs, cables, wire bundles, bagworm nests and much more. Check out the site for a list of complete features. More at

Has been recently updated. Version 6.0 with a handful of new features.
Anyone that is having a subdivide error in 2012, to fix just download all the service packs and hotfixes from the Autodesk website.

Updated compiles now available

Additional Info:

You have to have all the service packs and hotfixes for 3ds max 2012 in order for this to work.
There are 2 service packs and 2 hotfixes.

Version Requirement:

2012 (+ all hotfixes and service packs) & 2013