PSD_to_3DS Free Script For 3dsmax


PSD_to_3DS allows you to texture objects and create textured planes directly from Adobe Photoshop.


Additional Info:

Usage :

In Adobe Photoshop make selection using one of the methods, use the hotkey F4 to activate PSD_to_3DS.

To create a textured plane: Switch to the Autodesk 3DSMAX, place the cursor at the desired viewport and place for your 3D model, call QuadMenu (right mouse button), select PSD_to_3DS.

For texturing: switch to Autodesk 3DSMAX, select a 3D object or its polygons ( in Edit Mesh ), call QuadMenu (right mouse button), select PSD_to_3DS.Apply_to_Seletion.

Notes for Adobe Photoshop :

Textures are saved in TIFF files with layers.

By default PSD_to_3DS adds small space when exporting.

For texturing use “Rectangular Marquee Tool“. Also, you can use PSD_to_3DS without selection, then PSD_to_3DS uses the entire image.

Notes for Autodesk 3DSMAX :

3D object is created at the point of Quad Menu call.

Transparency is being used.

For texturing faces, you should create a modifier Edit Mesh, and select polygons. Then use the PSD_to_3DS.Apply_to_selection. Texture is projected onto selected polygons.

Version Requirement:

3dsmax 2009+ and up

Other Software Required:

Photoshop cs4 and up

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