Sweep Profile 3DSMAX Script Free Download


Script for a quick and convenient applying of profiles to shape with a modifier Sweep.

Included to Trackscripts pack with the 37 prepared to using architectural profiles.

User can add\change custom profiles in the folder “\Scripts\TrackScrips\Section”

Sweep Profile v.0.97

  • Fixes a bug with adding a new catalog.
  • Fixes an issue with setting a size of profile.
  • Enlarged a size of thumbnails.
  • Adds ability to avto-check for updates.

Sweep Profile v.0.95

  • Now size spinners works like as standard 3dsmax spinners.
  • Fixes a issues with the reseting the interpolation value of profile
  • Fixes a issues with incorrect evaluation of new size of profile

Sweep Profile v.0.92

  • Adds ability to set the size of the profile.
  • Adds ability to set interpolation for profile and path.
  • Adds Favorities Panel. (You can add the profile to the “Favorities” from right-click menu or by drag&drop.)
  • Adds ability to set custom path for profile files.

Sweep Profile v.0.74

  • Fixes Some issues with rendering thumbnails for new profiles

Sweep Profile v.0.70

  • Adds ability to add Custom Sections to Library
  • Adds support for Max 9SP2
  • Adds ability for Scale section
Additional Info:

“Sweep Profile” Included to Trackscripts pack

For solving issues with script download and install the latest version of Dotnet

from this link https://www.microsoft.com/netframework

Version Requirement:

3ds Max 9SP2 and above

Video URL:
Download link here: Click here